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About Us


We’re so glad you’re here. Welcome to our colorful and creative world, where imagination has no limits.


How We Started

Beyblade Shop India was started in the year 2023, as a digital store by Guru Prasanth with the simple goal of making the highest quality toys accessible to everybody across India while inspiring creativity.


Where Are We Today

We’re proud to be one of the reputed retailers for Beyblade Shop India in the digital world with more than 10,000 products in our online store. Since our inception, we’ve been trying to make more inspirational & affordable products. We’re so happy to be known as a “value store” by our customers today!

We are always on our toes, adding new products and creating trends for you to explore! We don’t want any creative need of yours to go unfulfilled and so we also import products from leading brands around the nation.


What’s Important To Us

We operate in a customer-centric manner. Since most of our products are not final commodities, it’s important that we track the market trends and bring you everything you need. To understand your requirements better, we’ve built a strong community that interacts with us and gives us constant love and feedback.